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Laptops tested and perfected for students on the go!
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Laptops tested and perfected for students on the go!

Not every laptop can keep up with your standards on campus or on the go. And that’s why ACADME approved laptops must pass a strict review process specifically designed to meet the needs of college/university students.

The ACADME approved review criteria
Below are a few examples of what we’ll be looking for when reviewing ACADME approved laptops.

  • Build quality
    • Will it survive the next few years of college/university with me?
      • Is it built from quality materials?
    • Is it a reasonable weight for public transportation?
  • Performance
    • How long will the battery last under real-world use?
    • How many software applications can it run at the same time?
    • Is it fast enough to keep up with photo/video editing?
  • Display
    • Is the display bright enough for indoor and outdoor use?
    • How many external displays can I connect to it?
  • Connectivity‚Äč
    • Does it have enough USB ports for my accessories?
    • How does the webcam and microphone sound?
    • Are the WiFi and bluetooth signals strong?

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