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Private Access Education Catalogue

Direct access to the Canadian education market.

Private Access Education Catalogue

Academic Edge is your direct access to the Canadian education market.  It is an effective way for your brand to increase sales and connect with students and faculty from post-secondary institutions nationwide.

Private Access Education Catalogue

  • A private portal open to hundreds of Canadian universities and colleges
  • Partnered with thousands of clubs on campus across all programs of study
  • Secured and validated access only with institution domain email credentials
  • Brand EDU products and pricing are private and available only with authorized access
Academic Edge - How it works

Increase brand loyalty and repeat sales

We have validated a high level of interest in a private education catalogue.  Since demand for Academic Edge is high, all you have to do is be ready to participate.


  • Develop brand loyalty at over 200 public and private campuses
  • Establish your brand today for tomorrow’s repeat sales
  • Personalized touch points by leveraging the power of peers through a network of on-campus clubs

Partner with us to create customers for life

ME has cultivated great relationships with students and faculty on campus.  We continue to invest and nurture on-campus activities both in and out of the classroom.  Our community managers support clubs and associations through online and on-campus events.

  • Leverage our relationships with school clubs
  • Effective post-sale customer engagement



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