Why Cantrex Computer Club?

Today’s computer retailer must look for every way possible to grow sales and reduce costs.  Academic Edge continually works to provide top tier and innovative group-negotiated member services to enhance all aspects of your operations.  With Academic Edge, members gain a competitive edge with an integrated online solution that improves buying, reduces costs, and helps close sales to grow your business.

Powerful online solution

The Academic Edge will allow you to expand your product offering by providing you access to an extensive catalogue of IT products. The program is designed to assist you with:

  • Source all major IT suppliers in one place
  • Real time pricing and availability, 24/7
  • Powerful product finder tools (ie. Memory, cable, toner)
  • Robust search by part #, manufacturer #, brand and product
  • Side by side product comparisons
  • Standardized content across vendor base
  • Frequent promotions, opportunity buys and more …
Show Me How It Works

Increase sales

With a product catalogue of over 1 million items, you will be able to expand your service offering and increase your company’s bottom line.

Further, our innovative and customized marketing assets will help you remain competitive in your marketplace, improving traffic and increasing sales

Show me my potential savings - $$

Reduce Costs / Increase Profit

Cantrex-Nationwide members are part of North America’s largest buying and marketing group—selling more products than all competing groups combined. Reduce administrative costs and streamline your operation. Our on-line solution allows you to save time and, focus your customer and your business.

  • Always buy at the best cost by utilizing the side by side comparison tool for all suppliers.
  • Benefit from exclusive opportunity buys that allow you to compete with “power retailers” across Canada.
  • Exclusive low cost retail financing and high margin protection plans.
  • Financial management solutions and expert retail advice that streamlines and simplifies operations.
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Beat the Competition

Benefit from direct relationships with key industry vendors supported by promotional specials and group opportunity buys. Share the same pricing advantages and access to hot products as power retailers while participating in exciting and exclusive deals not available to smaller retailers.

From credit card processing to financing services, our members can always tap into a network of suppliers that provide industry-leading products at competitive rates.